ArtStation Announces “Beyond Human” Challenge
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by Fuck off
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by Paul Jonathan
15 hours ago

Laura, thank you for taking the time to model the warehouse boxes. I appreciate the enginuity. This could be used for games but as well as that, for businessmen to help showcase floorplans and build site images to their co-workers and employees. I highly respect this level of design. Best Paul.

Haha.I can understand English. I am just not good at speaking. It has been a long time I don't speak English, but I can read. Anyway, thanks for sharing my artwork. Thank you for loving it.

ArtStation Announces "Beyond Human" Challenge
27 June, 2017

ArtStation has launched a new challenge! The theme this time is Beyond Human and the contestants are expected to imagine the future of humanity with concepts (Keyframe Concept Art, Character Concept Art, and Environment Concept Art).

Whether you’re in it to win it, learn, have fun, create contacts or just share your awesome work with the community, we hope you’re ready because the new ArtStation Challenge begins now!

Maciej Kuciara

The theme of the challenge is Beyond Human. We’re challenging artists to imagine the future of humanity, and bring it to life with a compelling narrative.


Join the challenges

The Challenge will start with three Concept Art categories and will run for four weeks. They will then open up four Production categories which will run for the next eight weeks.

Registrations for Phase 1 Now Open:

Concept Art – Keyframe
Concept Art – Character Design
Concept Art – Environment Design

Antoine Collignon


Andrew Bosley (Freelance, ex-Ubisoft/Red Storm Entertainment)
Suzanne Helmigh (Freelance, ex-Guerrilla Games)
Randall Mackey (Freelance, ex-Hi-Rez Studios/EA/U.S. Army)
Satoshi Arakawa (Amazon Games)
Baj Singh (The Creative Assembly)
Mathew O’Halloran (Ubisoft Massive)
Karen Stanley (Ubisoft Massive)
Frankie DeRosa (Blur, ex DICE/Activision)
Tiberius Viris (Sony Pictures Imageworks)


Submissions will only be judged at the end of the challenge, when both phases are complete.

Phil Straub (Director of Art, Warner Bros.)
Levi Hopkins (Freelance Concept Artist)
Ravi Bansal (Global Head of Art, MPC Film)
Josh Herman (Character Art Director, Cloud Imperium Games)
Brian Sum (Senior Concept Artist, BioWare)
Anna Fehr (Concept Artist, Avalanche Studios)
and more judges to be announced

Wadim Kushin

Registrations for Phase 1 of the Beyond Human Challenges close 24 July, 2017 17:00 GMT.
Registrations for Phase 2 of the Beyond Human Challenges close 25 September, 2017 17:00 GMT.

Join the Beyond Human Challenge now!

Source: ArtStation

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