ArtStation Digest: Extended Brush Packs

Today we've gathered 3 trending assets with brushes, that can be used for creating scenes in different styles. 

This set of custom brushes was created with children's book illustrators in mind. The asset is prepared by Madeleine Bellwoar, an independent Artist and digital/traditional Painter.

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The set comes with a variety of dry and wet media brushes including pencils, pastels, crayons, watercolor, and gouache. It also has a large selection of traditionally hand-drawn convenience brushes to speed up the process of repetitive textures such as cross-hatching, scribbles, squiggles. Along with the brushes, this pack contains a lot of extras, you’ll get 25 Hi-Res hand-painted paper texture sheets and a .PAT file with 26 repeating texture patterns for Photoshop. There is also a 1hr 25 min Voiceover demo video and 23 minutes time-lapse to help give some tips and ideas on ways to use the brushes. 

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In this brush set you will find 161 custom brushes organized into the following categories:

  • 35 Dry Media Brushes
  • 16 Wet Media Brushes
  • 28 Organic Mark-Making Brushes
  • 7 Stars Brushes
  • 6 Pattern Brushes
  • 37 Foliage Painting Brushes
  • 32 Foliage Shape Stamps

The package is prepared by Richard Anderson, a Lead Concept Artist at Sharkmob London.

This asset includes 46 custom-made brushes for Adobe Photoshop and 1-hour tutorial, that covers the theory, thought process of the creator during developing this set of brushes, and useful tips and tricks for artists. 

'I walk through each brush and how I like to use them and why, including a few pro secrets that you will not find in the ABR brush file itself, so I strongly recommend you watch the short tutorial to learn a few new tricks!', adds Richard. 

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This set of brushes is prepared by Florian Coudray, a freelance concept artist with experience working on multiple projects in the video game and animation industry as a concept artist and visual development artist. Among the companies he collaborated with, there are Activision Blizzard, Toys for Bob, Ember lab, Axis Studio 3d Realms, Game bakers, Spiritwalk games, La Grange aux monstres, Interceptor.

This asset includes a set of 22 brushes for Adobe Photoshop and a useful tutorial that covers how to install brushes, how the developer uses the brushes for creating his scenes, the usual flow of the professional artists while working with brushes, the process of your own brush creation, tips and tricks for artists. 

Also, Florian has created a video where you can see this set of brushes in action.

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