Asset Deals: Working on a Scene from Pro Skater Remastered

Check out 5 assets from Megascans Library that will come in handy for the production of the Pro Skater's scene.

With a recent announcement of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 being remastered, we decided to pick a scene from the upcoming game and find assets to recreate it as close to the original one as possible. We won't lie this compilation wasn't the easiest one to get together hence Pro Skater's scenes have an old school style with worn-out surfaces, abandoned spaces, and, of course, graffiti on the walls. So we definitely suggest finding decals for graffiti, an essential feature of skater's world and Pro Skater, too.

For walls of the building, we picked a white painted brick wall that will fit in and help you create a foundation of the scene. Don't forget to add peeled off spots, cracks, and scratches. You can also paint the lower part pale blue to bring it closer to the original version.

Plyboard panels look identical to those that were used for the handmade trampolines. Tweak it as you'd like, add wear-and-tear look, little graffiti, and there you go!

What can be more suitable and universal for such environments than a plain concrete floor? Feel free to add a bit of grass growing through cracks, and, once again, worn-out details, and you're ready!

Moving to the details, we chose this simple door you can experiment with as you wish. Change the color, add paint, holes, - whatever you think of to make it look like a part of the scene. 

This asset is an addition not present in the original shot. We thought that such abandoned industrial spaces might have some concrete blocks and bollards with unmistakable signs of youth hanging somewhere around. Add or not to add is all up to you!

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    Asset Deals: Working on a Scene from Pro Skater Remastered