Assets and Props for Creating Modern City Scenes

Check out collections with assets from Leartes Studios for creating a modern city environment. Packs include buildings, cars, construction vehicles, and interior/exteriors props so you'll definitely find something that will fit in your project.

SkyScrapers/High Rise Buildings Modular Asset Pack

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Grab a pack with 22 modern modular SkyScrapers from Leartes Studios. The collection will work well as a background in the game or for an archviz project. All buildings are custom modeled and textured. The pack comes with day and night versions.

Technical details:

  • game-ready
  • texture sizes: 2048x2048, 4096x4096
  • collision is automatically generated

Modern City Downtown with Interiors Megapack

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Get a pack with a handful of details of the exterior and interior environment. The pack includes 355 models of building parts, vehicles, interior/exterior props, and more.


Megapack with 355 Unique Meshes

  • 45 Decals
  • 14 Blueprints for Easy use (Buildings/Vehicles)
  • 2 Vehicles with Color/Dirt Variations
  • Includes Buildings which are fully modular
  • Animations for Some Assets
  • Complete Environment Set
  • Game-ready/Optimized
  • Wide Range of Props (175 Pieces)
  • Unique concepts for Assets
  • Material Variations For Some Assets

Sedan Car Vehicles Set

Check out 4 sedan cars to diversify your scene.

All cars are drivable, animated, realistic, and customizable. You can change the roughness, metallic, and color parameters to make the asset fit in your scene. The vehicle comes in one blueprint as well as in separate 26 meshes for you to modify it.

You can purchase cars separately.

Drivable/Animated Construction Vehicles Set

Get a pack with 2 Construction Trucks and 2 Excavators. All vehicles are drivable and animated and include material variations.


  • The unique and realistic concept for each Vehicles
  • AAA Quality Production
  • Rigged, animated, drivable, playable
  • Easy switch between clean / half-dirty/dirty materials
  • Few buttons Animating Excavator
  • Game-ready/Optimized
  • Fully Customizable/Material Variations

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