Atlas Architect - Simple-To-Use World Creator

This cool game will let you generate new worlds in no time.

Check out a game by Danial Rashidi that will let you quickly build concepts of new worlds or just have fun. Atlas Architect features a number of tools and several biomes for you to create a wide variety of worlds and maps quickly and easily.

The project is still in early access and more features are planned. For now, there are different biomes, the ability to change the color of city/village tiles, and more. There is a also free cam that allows users to take a top-down shot now at a higher resolution.

"I wish to have people try the game and tell me what is most important for them when it comes to the continued development of Atlas Architect," wrote Danial. "There are so many features that I want to add to this game but being a single developer means that things will take time, I'd rather release it when the core is complete and then add more features rather than sitting on this for a long time when a lot of people might not need those extra features."

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