Auto V-Ray Proxy Exporter
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Very nice advice for Beginners....Really Helpful...Thanks....

The link under texturing is broken, here is the correct link.

Auto V-Ray Proxy Exporter
8 August, 2018

Check out a nice script by Grant Warwick called Auto V-Ray Proxy Exporter. The thing features a number of cool possibilities, so let’s study it and discuss. 

If you plan on working with the Megascans Library or your own high-resolution assets, Auto V-Ray Proxy Exporter is a MUST! This simple, yet highly effective script will allow you to automatically pro optimize your assets, export them and swap your desired preview out with the click of a button.
Now you can reduce huge scenes easily, while still previewing a low detailed, textured version for viewport manipulation and speed. 

Running the script will load the UI

Step 1- Select objects you wish to export
Step 2- Choose the folder where you want to export your proxies (Suggested to keep all in one primary location)
Step 3- Choose the % of polygons you want to preview
Step 4- Display Options

Mesh- Highres original mesh
Mesh Preview- (Use at render time to correctly load the V-Ray Proxy)
Mesh Pro Optimizer- Use in viewport to display a textured, low level of detail version of the proxy (If this is highlighted, it won’t load the proxy at render time so make sure you select all scene proxies and update to ‘Mesh Preview’ Mode

Grant Warwick

Future updates:

  • A checkbox to automatically toggle hires proxies at render time
  • Swapping out multiple LODs for even more precise scene management

You can learn more and get the script for $20 here

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