AutoModeller Pro: Changing the Way you Paint Scenes
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AutoModeller Pro: Changing the Way you Paint Scenes
8 December, 2015

AutoModeller Pro is an absolutely amazing product, which changes the way you work with 3d meshes in environments. This tool allows you to apply or paint a group of meshes onto your existing scene geometry. The objects will be automatically be sliced, soft-sliced, scaled or deformed at the borders. You can also deform the objects and let them smoothly wrap around the curvature of the target object. Check out the GIFs to see a more detailed look at the things that this technology can do. This technology looks absolutely amazing and helps to build amazing 3d projects.

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AutoModeller Pro comes with very powerful painting capabilities that allow you to paint any geometry texture on any object in the scene without having to set up anything. Just select the geometry-texture and paint on any object in the scene. You can also combine multiple different geometry textures this way, using a powerful replacement-brush any previously painted objects will automatically be replaced when you paint over them.


Using AutoModeller Pro you can create impressive architecture just with a few clicks, whether it is a SciFi space station, a fantasy castle or modern architecture, AutoModeller Pro can be used for anything, your imagination is the limit! AutoModeller uses MultiThreading extensively and is capable of deforming high poly meshes in realtime.


If you make any changes to the geometry texture or the target geometry or the target UV mapping you can track those changes in realtime using auto-update functionality :

Border slicing/deformation features



AutoModeller Pro is cabable of automatically deforming and slicing high poly meshes at the borders of any target object, which is an incredibly powerful modelling tool. Also the software is capable of deforming high-poly meshes to fit onto any surface including curved surfaces such as cylinders in realtime.

Preview Mode


Using the AutoModeller Pro Preview Mode you can build huge scenes, with this mode activated any results of objects you are not currently painting on are automatically hidden, this way you can build massive scenes. AutoModeller Pro is capable of automatically deleting any previous objects prior to scene-saving and you can regenerate them with a single click once you reopen the scene, this saves both disk-space and improves loading times drastically.

You can check out the plugin’s official website for more details.


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