Bad Robot Games Launched
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7, Mar — 1, Jun
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Doesn't they say the same thing about photography when it was emerging? ;)

Agreed. This is just depressing and is a detriment to society. If this keeps advancing at its current rate, good art will be so trivial to generate that it won't be special anymore. Art will slowly morph into a banal distraction, with creating an original piece being as easy as applying an Instagram filter. The role of the human artist will change from a craftsperson to someone who picks a bunch of parameters, gives it to the AI, and chooses the best output. This type of technology is a threat to the very existence of art as a craft, will completely devalue artwork, and will make the journey of training to become an artist obsolete. I hate these researchers for what they're doing to a field that I love.

I disagree. There will always be demand for real artists. Like any other digital software, this is just a tool with the possibility to help artists create compelling worlds faster and add realism that would otherwise have taken days to make using other methods. As a 3D character artist, I would love to use this to create quick backdrops to place my characters in to enhance final renders.

Bad Robot Games Launched
7 June, 2018

J.J. Abrams’ company Bad Robot has launched a new game division. Bad Robot Games, a “strategic relationship” with Chinese internet giant Tencent and Warner Bros as a minority investor will focus on exclusive games. 

“Bad Robot Games will team up with traditional game developers to create both large and indie-scale projects for mobile, PC, and console — leveraging its world-building and storytelling expertise, in-house creative directors and a network of visual artists, musicians, sound designers, writers and other world-class talents,” the company states. 

Bad Robot has already tried something for the industry, but that’s a whole new step. The new division will be managed by Dave Baronoff.

None of this could be possible with the game empire of Tencent. The company, responsible for the massively popular mobile strategy game Honor of Kings, also owns League of Legends developer Riot Games, Clash of Clans creator Supercell, and has a stake in Epic, so Bad Robot Games can rely on some proper support.

Little is known about current projects, but it appears that Abrams himself will be involved in the whole thing. “I’m a massive games fan, and increasingly envious of the amazing tools developers get to work with, and the worlds they get to play in,” the director said. “Now we are doubling down on our commitment to the space with a unique co-development approach to game making that allows us to focus on what we do best, and hopefully be a meaningful multiplier to our developer partners.”


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