Banner Saga 3: Return to Crowdfunding
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My motivation wasn't to knock Cem, not as a person nor as a developer. As I said, "this is cool, no doubt about that". I was sharing my personal opinion about the price-point for a material that is so expensive (performance-wise), and pointing out the fact that the same look can be achieved for cheaper (both performance and wallet-wise). I personally find it hard to budget 10s of dollars for a single material, a single effect, etc., but that's me. Other people have money pouring out of their ears and can afford to play like that. The internet is getting less friendly as far as opening dialogues like this. People should be able to have opinions and share them, debate them, without being told to hush up and move along. I hope others buy and use this asset- I'd be curious to see how it stacks up to alternatives out there (again, as I said "I love options"). As far as making my own assets and releasing articles here? It's in the works. And if somebody came along and started a dialogue about issues, opinions they had, or whatever- I would be happy to engage them!

Banner Saga 3: Return to Crowdfunding
24 January, 2017
Stoic is back on Kickstarter, trying to gather $200k and fund the production of the final part in one of the best fantasy strategy/RPG of all time.

Stoic is a very small independent game development company, which actually has just two founders working in one office and a bunch of remote employees helping out (including the talented Igor Artyomenko). With a very lean team, they manage to produce some of the best games in strategy/RPG genre. The Banner Saga series proved to be a great success, conquering Steam, mobile platforms, and consoles. However, to keep the quality at the highest possible level Stoic still needs some help from the fans.

Special offer!

Today the company has announced a crowdfunding campaign for Banner Saga 3. During the next 30 days, developers plan to raise $200,000 to bring the award-winning series to a conclusion. The original game also got a lot of funding on Kickstarter back in 2012. Banner Saga 3 will be the final in the Viking saga.

“We’re going full circle and returning to Kickstarter where it all began. In 2012, the backers were instrumental in bringing the saga to life, smashing our initial funding target that led us to increase the scope, fidelity and production values of Banner Saga. We’re proud to be indie, and despite the stellar support we get from our publisher, Versus Evil, we’re not taking any outside funding to bring this series home, we’d love Kickstarter support to add additional features that are simply beyond our current budget”.

John Watson, co-founder and Technical Director at Stoic

Banner Saga 3 will give you more of that classical tactical strategy/RPG mix with awesome characters, great animation, lots of cool text, wonderful little Disney-inspired animations and amazing lore. We love Banner Saga for its amazing style and hand-drawn visuals. This is one of the most beautiful 2d games coming from an indie studio. Let’s hope this series will end on a high note.

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