Barren Landscape for UE4
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Barren Landscape for UE4
31 January, 2018

Barren Landscape is a new massive map by Pixel Perfect Polygons with a new unique look. The pack includes 64 square kilometers of playable area and two unique background meshes (rolling dunes and mountains). It also features 4 different color templates that will let you customize the look of landscape surface in a matter of seconds.


  • 1x Barren Landscape
  • 2x Background Meshes
  • 7x Custom Functions
  • Mixer
  • Mask Modifier
  • Global Normal Variation
  • Cloud Panner
  • Distance Fade
  • Displacement Fade
  • Distance Tessellation
  • 3x Master Materials
  • Cloud Shadows
  • Landscape
  • Background
  • 4x Material Functions
  • 4x Base Color Templates

Technical Details

PBR: Yes

Texture size: Up to 4K – Baked Base Color Templates are 8K

[1] Landscape

[2] Meshes

[3] Materials

[4] Material Instances

[4] Material Functions

[25] Textures

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