Berker Siino Launches Donpolygon
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by Rowlan
23 min ago

If you go for Unity and Biomes, as you wrote in your article, please do support Vegetation Studio Pro. Your work is awesome, can't wait to see it on the store.

by Dara Burke
2 hours ago

Great breakdown of the process and optimization, thanks for sharing.

This article just not only provides great tools for level design. It's also useful vocabulary to express ideas with our team.

Berker Siino Launches Donpolygon
5 September, 2018

A new mentorship program from Berker Siino will help you become a 3d artist.

There seems to be a real flood of personalized one-on-one courses coming. Just yesterday we’ve announced Mentorship Collective, and today we have Donpolygon.

Donpolygon is a learning platform with online courses for becoming a 3D artist for games, commercials or movies. You can meet instructors and get friends with us and hopefully be one of our next colleagues in the games industry. Furthermore, we do 3D art services for games and applications of any kind using any real-time engine out there.

Berker Siino

So far there are only two courses available: Stylized Character in UE4 from Bao Vu and Stylized Environment in UE4. We’ve actually done a big interview with Berker about the environment, so you’re welcomed to read it before you purchase the course. We also did an interview with Bao Vu, who’s an amazing artist. He talked a bit about his techniques there

We see no information about the pricing for now.

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