Best of Sketchfab: Ladies, Clouds & Starships
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by Ketki Jadhav
11 hours ago

I really like how you've articulated your entire process. This was a very enriching read. A Well deserved feature!

Great article! Thanks for the awesome read.

Wow, this is so cool! Nice job!

Best of Sketchfab: Ladies, Clouds & Starships
15 May, 2017
Check out the amazing 3d works by Miki BenczBastien GenbruggeAurélien MartelHugh Trieu and Vattalus Assets. Great way to appreciate the high quality of modern game-ready assets.

This is a very complex project, uploaded to Sketchfab by environment/character artist Miki Bencz. All the texturing work was done with 3d Coat – a software with an abundance of various features. The 3d character is based on a lovely illustration made by Jan Unolt. The model made by Tamas Sarffi. Delightful stylized work with a ton of details.

Bastien Genbrugge originally created this scene for his master project a few years ago. Later he made some changes in the concept, and the scene was never used. It’s a project about how the fauna and flora could have evolved if there was 20% less gravity on earth. Stuning work with the clouds and lighting. You can actually see this project in motion. The video is available over here. Bastien is the motion designer at Bagaar and Bagaar Studio.

A Beautiful exploration of the Substance Painter possibilities. Aurélien Martel started exploring this software looking for a great new way to speed up his workflow. More than a hundred self lit 1024 textures for this scene. Most of them are made from scratch in Substance. Few textures for the windows come from If you like this scene, make sure to check out Aurélien’es Artstation. It’s full of arch-viz work.

Hand-painted texture study by Hugh Trieu. It’s always nice seeing a 2d artist trying some 3d work. The scene is based on Cong Li’s Concept. This is another project painted with 3d Coat and Photoshop. We really enjoy this simple stylistics.

‘Dancing Samurai’ by Dominika Bariakova. A nice character study with the unusual dynamic posture. You can find the full character breakdown over here.

A simple low poly study by Mariusz Kovalsky. Nothing too fancy here, no smart materials or complex geometry. W still love he crafted the island and the lighthouse, adding so many details in this scene.

BitGem has this set of fantasy stylized assets available for purchase. Beautiful textures and a bunch of various assets there: trees, grass, houses, water. Looks pretty cool. You can buy the pack over here.

Rain Games has uploaded the animated version of their cool little monster Snorthog from an indie RPG World to the West. Very well-crafted piece optimized for usage in games. Looks beautiful.

Vattalus Assets is a Unity developer and freelance 3d artist, who also sells his beautiful assets online. This particular cabin can actually be purchased for $21 on CG Trader. Intricate work with details, modeled in 3DS Max, textured in Substance Painter. It’s all low poly and game ready. You can check out some cool renders here.

Environment/character artist Fuso created an absolutely delightful flying fantasy. Great way to make a still of a very dynamic scene. Texture work shows some great detailing, underlining the rust and water stains.

Come back next month for the next pick of the awesome 3d works from Sketchfab.

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