Bethesda Considered Creating Fallout's Earth in Starfield

There were several ideas the studio had to discard.

Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios | Starfield

Bethesda's Fallout wastelands are definitely a sight and one of the game's major points of interest. In the studio's latest hit Starfield, you can visit Earth, but it looks different from what you've seen in Fallout. I'm not going to spoil anything for you, just know that it's not what you might expect. One might think recreating that world now would be a fantastic idea, and it is, as Bethesda has considered it before. 

In an interview with The Washington Post, Todd Howard said the team had "talked about it" but didn't elaborate. There were many other ideas that didn't make it eventually, according to the director. The years of development and then COVID complicated the process and made it impossible to keep all the plans relevant.

“Oh, we planned, and those plans went out the window,” Howard said. “We knew we were going to rewrite parts of the engine, so we started building technology for the planets and the outer space stuff on our previous engine and renderer.”

Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios | Fallout 4

During the pandemic, the studio had to learn how to work from home, which made production "very, very slow." Coupled with the engine renovations, the work couldn't be done the way Bethesda initially envisioned.

Plus, as PC Gamer pointed out, the two narratives just wouldn't fit: Fallout 4 takes place in 2287, while Starfield's story unravels in 2330. It's hardly enough time to move on from the post-apocalyptic world to high-tech space exploration.

Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios | Fallout 4

Still, it would be great to see the connection between the two universes and maybe get a little nostalgic. But for now, we have Starfield with its many ways to pass the time and this awesome interview from The Washington Post.

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