Bethesda Unveils Orion

Bethesda Unveils Orion

Bethesda unveiled Orion, their new technology that will allow games to perform better through on-demand streaming no matter the service provider.

The project is described as a collection of software techniques that Bethesda is putting together in a unified software development kit. It will help reduce a title’s latency, bandwidth requirements, and required cloud computing power in a streaming environment. Orion is being developed by id Software’s id Tech team in Dallas and Frankfurt.

“We believed we could achieve significant savings and significant improvements and enhancements to the player experience by starting our optimizations at the very earliest literal possible point, which is on the game engine level,” Bethesda director of publishing James Altman states.

The team states that when using the tech, you still feel a little latency when using a keyboard and mouse control scheme, but a controller “feels fine after a minute or two.”

Basically, the project will drastically optimize game engines for performance, so you will be able to stream content 20% faster.

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    Bethesda Unveils Orion