Big Substance Announcement From SIGGRAPH 2019
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Cologne DE   20, Aug — 25, Aug
Vienna AT   23, Aug — 25, Aug
Anaheim US   27, Aug — 30, Aug
SEATTLE US   30, Aug — 3, Sep
Vancouver CA   4, Sep — 7, Sep
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Oh shit!

by S.K.O
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VUE without competition

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21 hours ago

Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

Big Substance Announcement From SIGGRAPH 2019
30 July, 2019

The Substance Day at SIGGRAPH 2019 brought some major announcements, so let’s have a look at what’s next for Substance tools.

First, the team introduced a big leap forward for the UDIM workflow in Substance Painter. Substance by Adobe revealed their very first demonstration of painting across UV tiles during the keynote.

Here’s the first look at the UDIM workflow in Substance Painter:

Art by Jason Huang

Native UDIM support is coming to Substance Painter, so the tool will feature seamless texturing from one UV tile to another.​ Please note that painting across UV tiles is still actively in development, now in closed beta with selected users.

Another big thing is Project Anorigami which is the team’s shot at automating UV creation to break down that final barrier.​ The team has developed APIs which allow ensuring an uncompromisingly qualitative UV creation. The new project automates all 3 parts of the UV process: segmentation, unwrapping, and packing.​

Substance will share more news about the availability of Project Anorigami in Substance Painter later this year.

Project Substance Alchemist is now free to download on trial for everyone. Go get your free trial here or directly in the launcher.

The next week will bring the 0.8.0 release that will feature a lot of new features to help with your material management like the ability to connect with your local folders, material tagging and rating, real-time monitoring in 2 dedicated views, and more.

The team has also been working on Photometry, material scanning through a series of photos.​ The new method is said to be much more forgiving: “As long as your camera stays fixed, you can take as many pictures as needed with any lighting conditions, we’ll reconstruct the material automatically,” states the team.

You can get more details about Substance Day at SIGGRAPH 2019 here, including information about the future of Substance Designer, Substance Source, and more.

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