Black Friday 2018: Unity Store

Black Friday 2018: Unity Store

Tons of knockout assets at half price and two huge lists of the best deals on online markets for digital content. Enjoy the bargain hunting and have fun!

Long-expected Black Friday is finally here, pals! Today we’ve gathered for you two huge lists of the best deals on Unity Asset Store, UE Marketplace, Gumroad and other online platforms for selling digital content. Tons of knockout popular assets that have already made many lives easier are at your disposal at half price. Enjoy the bargain hunting and have fun!

A* Pathfinding Project is a powerful and easy to use pathfinding system for Unity. With blazing fast pathfinding, your AIs will be able to find the player in complex mazes in no time at all. Perfect for TD, FPS, and RTS games!

Some features:

  • Grid, navmesh and point graphs, so you’ve got 3 types of graphs included.
  • Automatic navmesh generation to save you from doing it manually.
  • Path post-processing using raycasting, smoothing and using the funnel algorithm.
  • A single line of code for a pathfinding call.
  • Local Avoidance both in the XZ and XY plane.
  • Supports updating graphs during runtime. 

EasyRoads3D Pro v3

Create unique road networks directly in Unity with both built-in and imported mesh based crossing prefabs on your own models. Bring your scenes alive with additional side objects: bridges, guard rails, fences, walls, power lines, tree lines or any other type of geometry following a path. EasyRoads3D v3 includes various tools that can be used to create other infrastructures such as railroads and rivers with the riverbed carved in the terrain.

Some features:

  • Built-in customizable crossings and the ability to import your own crossing models
  • Side Objects: bridges, guard rails, fences, walls, power lines, etc.
  • Custom shapes for other infrastructures like railroads and rivers
  • Terrains conformed to the road shape, grass/tree removal, optional road shape baking in the terrain splatmap
  • Road data import for real-world visualization (OSM/KML)

ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.6

ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.6 brings to you a Scandinavian style house, built in every single detail. The scene is highly optimized and perfect for a smooth and immersive VR experience.  All furniture and props are highly detailed and can be reused in any other project.


  • Fully explorable interior
  • More than 200 prefabs
  • VR Desktop & Mobile Ready
  • HD 4K Texture
  • Custom shader 

Mesh Baker

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With Mesh Baker you can combine meshes and materials to reduce draw calls, fix models and create atlases so they can share materials (for static/dynamic batching), and fix scaling, rotation and translation in imported models.

Some features:

  • Works with any material and shader
  • UVs, Normals, Tangents automatically adjusted
  • Bakes tiling textures
  • Full lightmapping support
  • Can handle negative scaling

Bakery – GPU Lightmapper

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Bakery is a high-end, production-ready, hassle-free GPU lightmapper, designed as an alternative to Enlighten and Progressive. Please note: the asset requires modern Nvidia GPU (6xx or newer) and 64-bit Windows (7 or higher). 

Some features: 

  • Physically correct baked lighting. All results were compared against Mitsuba offline renderer
  • Performance: uses GPU for ray-tracing
  • Uses NVidia AI Denoiser to remove noise, powered by deep learning
  • Fixes common baking artifacts, such as lighting leaks and UV seams
  • Supports directional baking (bump/specular) with 4 modes: dominant direction (compatible with most shaders), Radiosity Normal Mapping, per-pixel spherical harmonics, as well as simply baking normal maps to diffuse
  • Can produce both complete and indirect lightmaps, or even mix both per-light

Volumetric Light Beam

Volumetric Light Beam is a simple and efficient volumetric lighting solution compatible with every platform that allows to easily simulate density, depth, and volume for your spotlights and flashlights. Greatly improves the lighting of the scenes by automatically generating volumetric procedural beams of light to render high-quality light shaft effects.

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Some features:

  • Add unlimited light beams everywhere. You can make a baked light volumetric, or even add beams without any light.
  • Dynamic 3D Noise feature to simulate animated volumetric fog/mist/smoke effects.
  • Volumetric Dust Particles feature to simulate highly detailed dustlights.
  • Dynamic Occlusion: light beams can be blocked by moving geometry.
  • Trigger Zone feature: you can track objects passing through the light beams.

GeNa 2

GeNa is like a swiss army knife of spawning systems and helps you to create stunning environments very quickly. It works on meshes and terrains and creates both structured and unstructured natural and human environments. GeNa gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between and helps you to bring your vision to life by quickly and naturally placing grass, trees, prefabs, fences and structures made up of groups of prefabs such as villages.

Some features:

  • Single, Global and Paint based spawn modes
  • Layer based collision detection
  • Automated prefab optimization system
  • Save spawners as prefabs for re-use
  • Amazing gravity simulation
  • Rock ledge and rock wall building

Vegetation Studio

Vegetation Studio is a vegetation placement and rendering system designed to replace the standard tree and detail system in the Unity terrain component. Vegetation is spawned on the terrain based on a flexible set of rules and controlled with both texture and polygon masks.

Some features:

  • Manual paining system
  • API for 3rd party tools
  • Run-time masking system
  • Instanced rendering
  • Rule-based vegetation and splat map generation
  • Collider system

Fantasy Adventure Environment

Fantasy Adventure Environment is a stunning stylized pack that focuses on providing artistically crafted environment assets. Powered by scripts, custom shaders, and Substance materials to allow for artistic customization.

Some features:

  • Custom shaders for trees and vegetation, to enable stylized rendering and animations
  • Beautiful wind animations on trees and vegetation
  • Grass color blends with terrain (tiled support) 
  • LOD’s and collision meshes for all assets that need it 
  • Tailored example environment scene
  • Contents: various plants, trees, materials, cliffs, rock clusters, stylized skybox panorama, effects and more

Ferr2D Terrain Tool

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Ferr2D Terrain Tool lets you quickly create hand-crafted 2D/2.5D landscapes and levels. No placing tons of ground sprites, no manually tweaking piles of collider objects, and definitely not bound to a grid. Just pick a terrain material, and draw a path. Edges switch texture automatically, and colliders create themselves.

Some features:

  • Path-based design for rapid development and iteration
  • 4 auto edges, plus additional edges through edge overrides
  • Flexible settings: make interiors, exteriors, plants, pipes
  • Wavy shaders for grass, leaves, and other effects
  • Custom editors for quick creation of terrain materials

Corgi Engine – 2D + 2.5D Platformer

Corgi Engine is the most complete platformer solution for Unity. It’s a tight (non-physics based controls) and fast character controller that works on desktop and mobile. Packed with features and constantly updated, it’s the best tool to create the 2D + 2.5D platformer or run & gun game you want!

Some features:

  • Packed with content. More than 30 demo levels, 300+ ready to use, handcrafted visual assets, 200+ optimized scripts, and tons of prefabs
  • Includes the Inventory Engine and complete inventory management solution
  • Advanced AI system: create a complex enemy, boss, or friendly AIs behaviors by combining actions and decisions
  • Camera and 2D parallax management, with tons of options: camera zoom, parallax speed, direction, etc.
  • Everything you need to create your levels: gravity zones and points, moving platforms, jumpers, cannons, destructible crates, trees, keys, and chest/doors, ladders, wind, water bodies, ice, treadmills, mud, one-way levels, and more
  • Dialogue engine: a basic yet robust dialogue system, to add life to your NPCs

Third Person Motion Controller

Third Person Motion Controller is a perfect AAA quality controller for your humans and non-humans. It is a flexible component-based framework that can support any type of character. It includes motions for humans, but by creating custom motions, you could control anything from bugs to cats and aliens to race cars. Out of the box, the Motion Controller includes the Actor Controller: an advanced character controller that supports gravity, moving platforms, custom character shapes, and walking on walls.

Some features:

  • 3 Different walk/run styles
  • 3 Different basic cameras
  • Customizable falls, jumps, climbs, gravity, etc.
  • Add custom animations without code
  • Create and add custom motions

Polygon Arsenal

Polygon Arsenal is a bundle of ~550 particle effects that are sorted into 3 categories (Combat, Environment, and Interactive) and include explosions, missiles, shields, beams, liquid, weather, dust, healing, checkpoint and much more.

Some features:

  • 551 Total Prefabs
  • Over 100 unique FX
  • Most FX available in 6 colors
  • 56 Sound FX
  • 42 Models
  • 48 Materials

Living Particles

Living Particles is an ultimate pack of fully customizable particle shaders where you can tweak any property and create unique effects. You can make living ground that reacts to player movement or add some live environment effects.

Some features:

  • 19 Gradients and Ramps
  • 50+ Textures and Noises
  • Different ground patterns
  • Linear and Gamma ready
  • 12 VFX Meshes


If you want a plugin that supports request customization for REST, WebSocket, Socket.IO, SignalR, SignalR Core, Server-Sent Events (and much more) out of the box, Best HTTP is for you.

Some features:

  • All source code included
  • Customize all parts of your requests
  • Access all kind of data sent by the server
  • Connection pooling
  • Great range of Proxy support (Fiddler, Charles, etc.)
  • Upload and Download progress tracking


Check the discounts on Unreal Market, Gumroad, Allegorithmic, Marmoset and more in the second list!

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