Black Friday 2018: Unreal, Gumroad & Other Stores

Black Friday 2018: Unreal, Gumroad & Other Stores

Tons of knockout assets at half price and two huge lists of the best deals on online markets for digital content. Enjoy the bargain hunting and have fun!

Long-expected Black Friday is finally here, pals! Today we’ve gathered for you two huge lists of the best deals on Unity Asset Store, UE Marketplace, Gumroad and other online platforms for selling digital content. Tons of knockout popular assets that have already made many lives easier are at your disposal at half price. Enjoy the bargain hunting and have fun!

Unreal Marketplace

Amazing VFX by Luos

  • Low-poly particle pack
  • Impact FX
  • Firework kit
  • particle elemental effects
  • and more!
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Sci-Fi Assets by Shaun T. Williams

  • Futuristic laser and assault shotguns
  • pistols
  • spaceships
  • textures
  • and more!
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VFX, Materials & Tools by tharlevfx

  • Weapon, combat and RPG FX
  • Explosion pack
  • Elemental magic pack
  • Weather pack
  • Animated materials
  • Modular sky system
  • Placement Tools
  • and more!
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Content for Shooters & Environments by VEA GAMES

  • Counter-Terrorists Soldier Pack
  • Enemy Soldiers Pack
  • Landscape Auto Material
  • Ultimate River Tool
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Lots of Decals by Hotgates

  • Sacred geometry
  • Paddle
  • Danger signs
  • Sci-Fi
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Industrial Scenes by Timothy Dries

  • Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Scene
  • Industrial Pipe Package
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Massive Prop Collection by Dekogon Studios

  • Post Apocalyptic
  • Toolshed & Garage
  • Modern Kitchen & Hospital
  • Arcade Machine
  • Art Deco
  • and more!
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  • Animated Rain/Waterdrop Material that can be used for rain flow effect on surfaces like glass windows or solid surfaces

Asteroids by Inverse

  • Pack of optimized asteroids created using photogrammetry


Content for Environments by Michał Arendt

  • Ice & Snow materials
  • Sand dunes environment
  • Painted skyboxes
  • Water materials

-40% discount code: monday

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Content for Assets by Travis Davids

  • Tons of fabric materials
  • Tileable displacement/alpha patterns
  • Tutorials
  • Reference packs
  • and more!

-35% discount code: travblackfriday35

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Content for Character Art by Georgian Avasilcutei

  • Real-time character tutorials
  • Stylized texturing tutorial
  • Full game character tutorial
  • and more!

Discount code: 4years

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Content for Environments by EASYRef.DGS

  • Reference packs
  • Brush pack
  • Textures

Discount code: BLACKFRIYAY

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Tons of various vehicles and other 3D assets are on sale with 70% off.


Substance monster discount is back: until November 26 you have a chance to save some money on the annual subscription.


Enjoy discounts for Marmoset Products:


Absolutely all the products on FlippedNormals are on sale with -50% discount. Use code: black.

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3D Models on CGTrader

You have almost 4 more days to choose and purchase 3D models on CGTrader with a large discount up to -70%.

For example, take a look at the collection of assets by Elvis Posa being seld with a 62% discount.


That’s it, guys, this is the end of our second list. We sincerely hope that every one of you who looked for a bargain was able to find it here today and saved a few dollars. If you know other places where we can find useful content at a moderate price, don’t be shy and share the links in the comments.

Have a great shopping experience, enrich libraries and never stop amazing us with your incredible projects!

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