Blasphemous: Action Platformer For Pixel Art Lovers
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Awesome news!

by Shane Schultz
11 hours ago

This is an amazing walkthrough. Thank you so much for the step by step and what you used. I've been looking for something like this exactly, especially since I'm all self taught and am kinda stuck with a proper pipeline/workflow.

Blasphemous: Action Platformer For Pixel Art Lovers
14 February, 2017
The Game Kitchen is a small Spanish company, that works on indie projects. Their most popular title to this day is called The Last Door. It’s a point&click adventure with pixelated graphics and a terrifying story. With their next game ‘Blasphemous’ they’ve decided to move into a more dynamic realm of pixel art 2d action platformers. The game looks really interesting, thanks to fluid animations and very nice character design.


The game is currently in preproduction. There’s little information about the project. Players control a protagonist named The Penitent One. He’s equipped with a scary mask and a huge sword. This guy is travelling around hellish environments, kills demons and has encounters with powerful bosses.

As the name of the title suggests, it will feature a lot of controversial designs: wraith-like enemy dragging a crucifix across the ground, fossilised remnants of fallen angels, evil nun catching fire. So, this project might get a lot of heat from certain organizations. The developers mentioned, that one of the sources of inspiration for The Penitent One were the paintings of Spanish painter Francisco Goya, notably, his 18th century ‘Witches’ Flight’ painting.

Developers plan to start a KickStarter campaign around May 2017. If everything will go smoothly, you’ll be able to purchase this title by the end of 2018.


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