Blender is Hiring for a Number of Positions

Blender is seeking developers and engineers to work in Amsterdam or remotely.

Blender is looking to expand its team and offers multiple job openings in Amsterdam or remotely. The open positions include Geometry/Hair/Physics Nodes Engineer, Senior Rendering Developer, Senior Character Animation Systems Developer, and macOS Developer.

The company said it is seeking people who have a strong motivation to turn ideas into reality and share a passion for contributing to improving Blender, the company's software which is a public open-source project appreciated by top industry professionals as well as by enthusiasts.

"We look forward to adding team players who love to work with other highly effective people. Bring in something extra, add value in areas we wish to improve," said CEO and Chairman Blender Foundation, Ton Roosendaal.

The current openings in Blender include:

  • Geometry/Hair/Physics Nodes Engineer – this employee will have to focus on the quality and high performance of node systems in game and film production;
  • Senior Rendering Developer – this employee will become a part of the team that maintains and advances rendering in Blender;
  • Senior Character Animation Systems Developer – this position suggests getting Blender’s character animation system ready for the next decade;
  • macOS Developer – this employee will have to improve the macOS user experience in Blender to make the software integrate better with macOS hardware devices and operating system features.

The company is also looking for seniors in other areas too. These positions include:

  • Studio and Pipeline Integration Developer who will work with studios to identify and fix Blender limitations for production and help studio developers get involved in development;
  • Core Blender Developer who will improve performance with big scenes, more powerful collections, and variations;
  • User Interface Developer whose task will be to improve long-standing UI and usability issues, possibly without disruptive paradigm changes for users.

Blender notes that senior positions have multiple benefits such as a high salary (which starts at EUR 58,000 annually), help with permits and finding an apartment in Amsterdam, payrolling services for remote positions, flexible working hours, and flexible holidays.

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