Blizzard CEO on eSports and the future of the company
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Very Nice, Love the rocks man!

Awesome walkthrough, I really learnt a lot. It was great that Adrienne give links to other people tutorials too!

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Anybody get that?

Blizzard CEO on eSports and the future of the company
9 February, 2016

Blizzard’s boss talked to GamesBeat about his company, the importance of eSports and challenges Blizzard faces today. Blizzard, the studio behind the legendary World of Warcraft and Hearthstone turned 25 years this week. Mike Morhaime discussed the history of his studio and the its future, talking mostly about eSports as the potential key to success.

Blizzard CEO on eSports and the future of the company

BlizzconWe’ve watched eSports grow from being something that, for us, really started out being popular in Korea-We saw that explode with StarCraft. We always believed that eSports would eventually grow in popularity everywhere. In the last couple of years we’ve gotten to see that happen

Mike Morhaime

Morhaime pointed out that in order for game to be successful it has to be developed with eSports ecosystem from the beginning. Blizzard boss discussed eSports component as the main strategic asset, which allows company to build unique experience with thousands of gamers getting more from competitive gaming. Blizzard CEO also said that eSports need to be humanized to create some attachment to competitors.

One of the challenges is to really humanize it, to let people get to know the players more. That’s where you start forming an attachment to people, finding people to root for. The Olympics does this really well

Mike Morhaime

Blizzard CEO on eSports and the future of the company

Mike Morhaime thinks his company to be in pretty good shape thanks to eSports component mostly. Let us know what you thing is the key to Blizzard’s success below.


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