Breaking Down the Flood Effects of Uncharted
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by Nate Lane
4 min ago

Awesome breakdown Simon!

I have always wanted a Barret Tiff precull. There is a lot stories left to tell before they all meet. They greyscale image would look great as a figure as well.

I can't get this to work! *cries* I tried on my windows computer, my chrome book and I cant get it on my ipad. what do I do?? how do I get it? I downloaded it to my chrome book, and my windows but all it did was leave a file that was empty.

Breaking Down the Flood Effects of Uncharted
29 October, 2018

Let’s have a look at another amazing talk from GDC. This time, we suggest watching a talk by Naughty Dog’s Eben Cook from GDC12 on the flood effects of Uncharted 3. 

“In this 2012 GDC talk, Naughty Dog’s Eben Cook breaks down of one of the flood effects in Uncharted 3, discussing how a fluid simulation was used to inspire the final look and how it was used to create an animated surface mesh that made it into the engine,” states the description. Yes, the tech here is pretty old, and the tools used for games today are based on different approaches, but the talk still provides some insights into the pipeline of one of the tops studios and shares some general ideas. 

Make sure to discuss the talk in the comments below. 

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