Brigador Now on Steam Early Access
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Brigador Now on Steam Early Access
17 October, 2015

The Stellar Jockeys is a four man team that is currently developing an isometric vehicular action game called Brigador which is now on Early Access. They have built their own custom engine to create this game where everything and anything is destructible.

Brigador is the epitome of a total annihilation game. The environment is completely vulnerable to your attacks and will explode on impact. In this game you get to choose your vehicle, weapons, pilot, and defense. It also has a three space aiming system which allows you to aim for depth and orientation – this allows you to overshoot or undershoot your targets for a greater experience.

Brigador-80lvThe design of Brigador is quite interesting, everything is sprite-based and is reminiscent of a retro 90s look. It’s like a mechanical, arcade, discotheque of death. The game has three different factions that are all rendered in their different styles and have their own gameplay elements as well. There is a fourth faction called the Brigadors that you’ll be playing as. The Brigadors consist of one member from each of the three other factions who are trying to sabotage the efforts of the three other factions to take the city.

brigador-1-80lvIt was just released on Steam Early Access today and is planned for full release sometime in 2016. Let’s see what the team has to offer us in the future for this game of death.

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