Isometric Post-Apocalyptic RPG Broken Roads Got a New Gameplay Trailer

The game mixes traditional and new role-playing elements and offers an original morality system.

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Broken Roads – a narrative-driven RPG set in post-apocalyptic Australia – got a new gameplay trailer released by Versus Evil, the game's new publisher. The video shows authentic locations, turn-based combat, and what looks like the aftermath of the player's choices. 

Inspired by traditional computer RPGs, the isometric adventure blends traditional and novel role-playing elements and presents an original morality system called the Moral Compass, which is influenced by dialogue options and questing decisions.

"We believe this will enhance the game’s roleplaying realism – you can not take an evil option and then immediately follow up with the most noble option," the devloper Drop Bear Bytes says. "Decisions will not be clear cut good and bad – we want to present real moral dilemmas that players will have to carefully consider."

Broken Roads will be released in 2023 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Check it out on Steam and don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more. 

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