Building 3D Models of Faces and Heads with Photos
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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

by Weston Mitchell⛏️🐭
6 hours ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

13 hours ago


Building 3D Models of Faces and Heads with Photos
30 June, 2017

Check out a very fast and easy-to-use tool for building 3D models of faces or heads based on photos called FaceBuilder. This plugin for Foundry Nuke is a part of KeenTools suite.

Here is the official description of some of the other features of KeenTools:

Accurate object tracking right in Nuke 

object tracking
GeoTracker is designed to fill the gap in Nuke’s functionality and provide fast and reliable object tracker right in the compositing software.

Currently it works with rigid objects only, but later it’ll support deformable meshes tracking as well.

GeoTracker is developed using low level Nuke’s C++ API. That’s why it pretty seamlessly integrates into your familiar workflow. GeoTracker supports all OS and all versions of Foundry Nuke since 8.0.

Scene-based camera tracking

scene-based camera tracking
With GeoTracker you can track camera in tricky shots with zoom and high motion blur. The biggest advantage of scene-based camera tracking is ability to use keyframes, which help you localize and tackle complex part of a sequence. Resulting camera is already aligned to a scene geometry
Zooming lenses could add a significant complexity for simple camera tracking. Fortunately for scene-based tracking you can track it much easier and more precise. Together with keyframes it lets you tackle any tricky shot, of course with known scene geometry.

Surface Masks

surface mask drawing
GeoTracker allows you to use 2D mask to eliminate occlusion and 3D surface masks to exclude reflective and transparent parts of a tracked object.

Camera Focal Length Estimation

focal length estimation

Camera focal length heavily affects tracking and that’s why it should be known. But sometimes you have to deal with footage which is shot with unknown lens. Don’t worry — GeoTracker helps you to figure it out.

Fast model positioning via dragging points

using pintool
While tracking most of man-hours goes to setting up keyframes. And this is what GeoTracker does with ease. Fast and intuitive PinTool lets you manipulate a 3D-model’s position by dragging control points on model’s surface (pins) to their positions in the frame

You can find more info on the suite and download a free trial version here

Source: KeenTools

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