Building Huge Scenes with Castles in UE4
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by Tawiah Nyamekye
1 hours ago

One of the best personal projects I've seen. Good job!

by adamDe
2 hours ago

amazing skill!! :)

6 hours ago

Thanks for sharing!

Building Huge Scenes with Castles in UE4
21 March, 2018
Environment Art
Environment Design

Sergei Panin (make sure to check out our exclusive interview with the artist about his cyberpunk scene), an Environment Artist at Mail Group, has shared his latest environment with a marvelous castle on a river. The scene looks like an open-world location with a beautiful landscape and tons of details to study. The design is said to be influenced by Game of Thrones and several French castles. The artist used UE4, ZBrush, Substance tools, Megascans and 3D-Coat to assemble the whole. The best is thing is that Sergei has also provided a nice breakdown to give some details on the production process. 

I wanted to create something with landscape and create a more open-world location. 
This is my design, but it strongly based on Riverrun from GoT and different French castles.
I have created different modular systems (bridge, towers), meshes, materials, shaders. Also, light and level art were done by me. 

Sergei Panin 


Here is the breakdown from the artist to give you an idea about the artist’s workflow:

Main assets

Zbrush sculpt for cannon. Based on Mons Meg – the biggest medieval cannon

Shield with a logo for the city gate. Practice in design

Castle Wall Material

Castle Material Shader for blending and tinting

How it works

The base of the flag was created in Substance Designer – Color, Normal and Masks. Then I used blending in UE4 to create the final version. This version is just for showcase

Scene overview with next WIP – city part




The breakdown was originally published on ArtStation.

Source: ArtStation

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