Bungie Leaves Activision, Takes Destiny

Bungie Leaves Activision, Takes Destiny

Developers acquired the rights to Destiny, but the game is still available on Battle.net.

Destiny 2 concept art by Sung Choi.

The eight-year partnership between some of the biggest companies in the interactive entertainment is over. Destiny developer acquired the rights to the award-winning series and will publish its games on its own from now on. Activision is said to “increase its focus on owned IP and other projects”. Bungie will continue to deliver Destiny 2 content as was promised in the roadmap. Blizzard officially announced that Destiny 2 will be supported by Battle.net.

Activision and Bungie signed a partnership agreement in 2010. The developer was to create four Destiny games between 2013 and 2020. However, the development of the first part of the series took almost one year longer. The production of Destiny is painstakingly documented in a wonderful book BLOOD, SWEAT, AND PIXELS by Jason Schreier.

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