Capturing Buildings With Photogrammetry for Environments in UE5

The artist has recreated Nakagin Capsule Tower's basement using Unreal Engine 5, photogrammetry, and Lumen.

Photogrammetry Artist known as masanaga revealed an awesome new project that demonstrates Unreal Engine 5's photogrammetry capabilities. This time, the artist has managed to thoroughly recreate the basement of Nakagin Capsule Tower, an irregularly-shaped residential and office tower located in Tokyo, Japan, using UE5 and a photogrammetry rig. The environment looks quite realistic and resembles a horror game thanks to the eerie atmosphere that was perfectly translated into 3D.

Additionally, the artist utilized UE5's Lumen to illuminate the surroundings. According to masanaga, only one light source was embedded into the player to reproduce the feeling of the real-life location. 

We highly encourage you to visit the artist's Twitter page if you want to learn more about photogrammetry. 

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