Cartrdge: a new community for game developers
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Cartrdge: a new community for game developers
13 September, 2016

Cartrdge is a recently launched community & portfolio site that’s for people working in video games. They came out of private beta only a few months ago, and already have a thriving and active community of people from across the industry showcasing their work.


Three guys from New York bootstrapping the business themselves, the Cartrdge team is focused on connecting the video game industry. So how exactly are they doing that?

Easy to create, sleek and discoverable Portfolios

Building your own portfolio website is hard and time consuming, and then there’s the issue of drawing attention to it. To help solve some of these problems, they’ve made creating a portfolio and posting work to it incredibly simple and easy.

Individual Profile Page

Olly Skillman­Wilson is a 3D artist in the UK, currently working with Big Robot on The Signal from Tolva

Animators, game designers, artists, composers, UI designers; you name it, the tools are there to showcase your work. By supporting images and gifs (up to 50mb!), as well as embeds from Youtube/Vimeo, Sketchfab and even SoundCloud, they’ve made it a comfortable place to portfolio all the different aspects of a game or personal work. Their project pages make organizing your posts a breeze.

Collaborative project pages

Video game development is a team sport, so project pages are collaborative. You can add as many Cartrdge users as you’d like to a project, allowing you to show off your team. Each person can then post their work to the project page.


The project page for Duelyst, featuring work by Glauber Kotaki and Nate Kling

It’s a unique experience for each user

With so much variety in video games, they’ve built the site with individualization in mind. If you’re a low poly fan, follow the people who specialize in that style. Or maybe you’re new to pixel art, and want to follow people for inspiration; it’s completely up to you!

staffpicks feed

The Cartrdge staff picks section

What’s next

Right now we’re focused on making our portfolio tools even better for game developers, and making it easier to search through our userbase. We believe Cartrdge has the potential to really help the industry.

Ron Golan, Co­Founder and CEO

Go check out what they’re doing at Cartrdge, it’s exciting stuff.

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