CBS Spent $45.95 on 3D Pokémon Models
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i thought there wouldnt be anything better than akeytsu for creating easy animations. im happy if i am proven wrong.

Keith, I just wanted to stop by and say: Thank you.

Having side projects are important in progressing as an artist.

CBS Spent $45.95 on 3D Pokémon Models
15 July, 2016

You might have heard about this game Pokemon Go. It was all over the news lately, earned a lot of money, got all the gamers outdoors and helped Unity Technologies to get over 180 million dollars. It’s very popular. TV networks couldn’t just pass the opportunity to talk about it.

A couple of days ago CBS ran a short report about the game. Instead of showing some game footage the broadcaster decided to add a little spice to the video and placed tree pokemon figures into the shot, next to the presenter. The thing is that those models were atrocious, looking like crack addicts or something else out of the Lovecraft’s books. These were definitely not Pokemon we all love.

You may be wondering, where did these creatures come from? Well, we actually know the answer. It seems like all these models are available through TurboSquid. So Charmander and Bulbasaur, were made by a user named Kudz46. Each model cost $20. Pikachu, by user chopnut, costs $5.95. CBS spent about $45.95 on the whole masterpiece. It’s nice to know that they are so cautious about their budget.

The artist, who did one of the models actually uploaded it 6 years ago, when he was still learning how to model. He was a bit disappointed about the way CBS used his work. We’re a little disappointed as well.


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