CD Projekt Red’s Next Title To Be Out By 2019
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by Démoléon Jérémie
3 hours ago

Hello ! I am a video game student @ILOI & I am very thankful, your speech is very motivating .

Except the dude clearly doesn't know much of anything about the 3D game pipeline. Yeah, if you're very skilled, a high poly sculpt could, certainly. But then there's retopology, UV mapping, texture baking, rigging, animating, other means of optimization once imported into the engine. Granted it wouldn't take anywhere near the production time of a AAA character (Which the High-poly sculpt took maybe 10-15 hours altogether, but the finished character took ~94 hours). And granted pokemon models aren't nearly as complex as that, but I think at least a 1-3 hours from start to finish to be a fair average expectancy of artists who know the work flow well enough. I just hate how people are so critical of artists when they clearly don't understand what goes into it.

by Ku ê
3 hours ago


CD Projekt Red's Next Title To Be Out By 2019
21 March, 2017
Last year National Center for Research of Development in Poland has awarded The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red 30 million PLN ($7 million USD) to help the studio improve several aspects of game development. Reddit user boskee took some time to study the official documentation and found out that there are several conditions behind the money. So the thing is that all four of the projects funded by the government must be fully completed by June, 2019.

At last, we got a release window for the studio’s next game, which should be Cyberpunk 2077. What is more, all the projects will be developed with RedEngine 4, the next version of the studio’s game engine.

Also, something strange is happening with Gwent. A post on CDPR’s Investors forum about CDPR’s communication in 2017 concentrating on Gwent has been removed.

We have to wait just two years to get something new from the creators of Geralt’s adventures and that is definitely a good thing. 

Source: The Escapist

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