CDPR Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With a Behind-The-Scenes Video

The studio's developers spoke about CDPR's highlight and lowlight moments, answered some burning questions, and explained where Red in CD Projekt Red comes from.

A couple of days ago, CD Projekt Red, the game studio mostly known for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher franchise, celebrated its 20th anniversary with an 18-minute-long video sharing an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the studio's history. In this video, CDPR's developers, from experienced creators to newcomers, answered some questions regarding the studio's history, highlight and lowlight moments, and shared some interesting facts about the development process behind their games.

Among other things, CDPR's Studio Head Adam Badowski explained where the "Red" in the studio's name comes from. According to Adam, it comes from the red bricks of Łódź, the birthplace of CDPR. The very first logo of the studio also draws inspiration from "the Manchester of Poland", and features the city's panorama.

The team also spoke about the development process behind Cyberpunk 2077, calling the game's launch the most stressful and tough moment in the studio's history, speaking about the lessons they learned, and telling about the time when they accidentally swapped several NPC and vehicle models with newly-added chickens.

Speaking of Cyberpunk, the game continues breaking records in its playerbase, recently hitting around 136k concurrent players on Steam, the biggest number since the game's launch. Last week, the studio even thanked the players for giving the game a second chance.

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