Ceiling of Palazzo Ducale as A Material
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by Clinton Crumpler
9 hours ago

very nice!

by Remingthon
12 hours ago

Very impressive work dude!

by Remzi
15 hours ago

daşşağına gurban

Ceiling of Palazzo Ducale as A Material
29 August, 2017

Pim Hendriks prepared a very neat substance, which shows some of the cool peculiarities of the curve node in SD.

We’ve seen a lot of very interesting work with Substance Designer recently. Eric Wiley did a lot of very unusual and interesting work with this tool (if you haven’t seen his Dead Fish Pile, you haven’t seen anything).  But there are other cool examples as well. One of the most recent ones was done by Pim Hendriks – texture artist from Mikros Animation. He’s actually doing a lot of interesting work with decorative architectural materials.

Most recently he published a material, which mimics the ceiling in Palazzo Ducale – a palace built in Venetian Gothic style, and one of the main landmarks of the city of Venice in northern Italy (wiki). It’s a great study of the ways you can use curve node to create some very intricate architectural materials.

The great thing is that Pim is selling this substance over at Gumroad for just $5. It’s a very nice way to study this amazing project.

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