Chaos Launches V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D

This new version includes a system for repeating geometry, support for procedural clouds, particle rendering support, and more.

Chaos has launched V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D – a new release of its professional 3D rendering software for artists and designers. The update includes multiple new features and improvements to the existing features. 

Among the new features of the software are V-Ray Enmesh modifier, Chaos’s system for repeating geometry across the surface of an object without instancing. The update to the Cinema 4D edition also includes the option to convert existing V-Ray materials to the new V-Ray Node materials. It also supports rendering particles, including the ones that were generated by X-Particles.

In addition, several V-Ray features received some upgrades in the new release. VRayMtl, the standard V-Ray material, now got a new integrated Thin Film layer that you can use for creating iridescent materials – these effects were previously achievable only via an OSL shader.

The software also received a new implementation for the SSS mode that should speed up the rendering of translucent materials. V-Ray Sky now got support for procedural clouds – this feature is based on technology from real-time rendering and virtual reality technology provider Enscape, with which Chaos merged this January.

The changes also include the new Finite Dome mode for the V-Ray Dome Light which is used for fine-tuning light projection onto ground surfaces using three new settings: Radius, Projection height, and Ground blend settings. V-Ray Frame Buffer received several new features as well including support for viewing spherical panoramas, and a Proportion Guides Layer set to help with scene composition.

The update to the Cinema 4D edition adds the texture projection system V-Ray Decal, the system for creating light sources that have volume and shape V-Ray Mesh Light, and the Softbox node which can be used in a V-Ray light to create the illumination coming from a Soft Box light source.

Since the previous release, Chaos has changed its licensing model for V-Ray and introduced three new subscription packages: V-Ray Solo, V-Ray Premium, and V-Ray Enterprise. V-Ray Solo subscriptions are priced at $466.80/year, V-Ray Premium subscriptions cost $694.80/year, and V-Ray Enterprise subscriptions are bulk discounts for buying five or more seats.

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