Character Creator 3.4 Introduces Smart Hair System

The latest release comes with a flexible new system for hairstyles.

Reallusion has launched Character Creator 3.4, the newest version of the team's 3D character creation tool. The biggest new feature is Smart Hair, a new system of modular hairstyles and facial hair. The new tool comes with an updated hair shader and packs of hair parts.

What is more, characters from CC now support the new ExpressionPlus facial blendshapes and visemes generated by AccuLips lip-sync system in iClone 7.9.

Hairstyles in the new Smart Hair system feature three hair groups: head hair, beards, and eyebrows. The first two groups also feature a number of elements. 

The latest version comes with sample hair and facial hair content, but users can also get paid add-ons for different hairstyles. 

The updated shader allows users to tweak the color of the scalp, hair strands, and highlights. You can also combine hair elements and control colors.

Learn all about the latest update and the new hair system here. Don't forget to join our new Telegram channel, our Discord, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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