Children of Morta: Beautiful Pixelart RPG
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Utrecht NL   24, Nov — 26, Nov
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London GB   30, Nov — 1, Dec
London GB   30, Nov — 3, Dec
Dortmund DE   1, Dec — 3, Dec
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Amazing work! What plugin for Maya are you referring to for the haircards?

Good but the Pattern of the foam doesn't change, very disturbing.

by lina
10 hours ago


Children of Morta: Beautiful Pixelart RPG
1 June, 2016

Children of Morta is a new game by Dead Mage – an independent game development studio focused on developing high quality PC and mobile projects. The company has a bunch of different projects, including Shadow Blade, Garshasp and Epic of Kings.


There are two important things you need to remember about this project. First of all it’s got a great story, which features a family of mighty heroes living in a beautiful mansion on a huge mountain. It’s interesting to see if the developers will be able to fit the story into the whole roguelike experience.


Since the corruption of the god of Mount Morta, his rage and anger has turned all the creatures into sick, furious monsters. The Bergson family, guardians of Mount Morta, live in their house at the mountain side. They try to reach the peak of the cursed mountain to find out what happened to its god and how they can change his doomed fate!


Secondly, the game features absolutely amazing visual design. It’s pixel art at its greatest with fluid but punchy animations, great environments and beautiful characters.

Dead Mage wants this project to be available for PC, Mac and Linux. There’s no telling when this project will be released.


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