China Blockchain Technology and Game Dev Conference is Coming
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Las Vegas US   8, Jan — 12, Jan
Zürich CH   31, Jan — 4, Feb
Leamington Spa GB   31, Jan — 3, Feb
Bradford GB   6, Feb — 11, Feb
Bradford GB   7, Feb — 9, Feb
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by Dara Burke
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Great breakdown of the process and optimization, thanks for sharing.

This article just not only provides great tools for level design. It's also useful vocabulary to express ideas with our team.

Very well presented article. Thank You

China Blockchain Technology and Game Dev Conference is Coming
18 July, 2018

The development of games based on blockchain technology has been deemed as one of the important development directions by people involved in the game industry around the world. The China Blockchain Technology and Game Developers Conference, first established this year, will invite the most advanced blockchain game development experts and industry professionals at home and abroad to present a global cutting-edge blockchain game development technology solution for Chinese game developers. The case illustrates the new ideas and techniques for the development and design of blockchain games, shares valuable experiences and unique insights in the development of blockchain games.

The first China Blockchain Technology and Game Developers Conference will kick off on August 2, 2018 at the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. The conference consists of two sections, namely “Exploring New Ways to Play” on the morning of August 2 and “Linking New Entrances” on the afternoon of August 2. Besides, the special sponsor session – China Blockchain Technology and Game Developers Conference Sponsor Session is specially set up for the conference sponsors to provide professional audiences with technology sharing and promotion platform. Sponsors will leverage on resources of game developer and platform influence of the organizer to promote their latest technologies and products. The targeted audience and open attitude make the sponsor session well-received by companies and developers.

The conference gathered elites and leaders of the industry; it’s now or never. Chain • Game – China Blockchain Technology and Game Developers Conference is coming soon! No idea? Then you are OUT!

The conference guests (part):

  1. Benny Giang, Co-founder of Axiom Zen
  2. Zhang Jinsong, CTO of CellLink Global Holdings Pte. Ltd.
  3. Chen Haozhi, CEO of Beijing CHUKONG Technology Co., Ltd.
  4. Tang Sangtian, Producer of Ether Online
  5. Ariel Meilich, CEO of Decentraland
  6. Zhang Xuan, CEO of MixMarvel
  7. Sebastien Borget, COO of Pixowl
  8. Shirley Lin, Co-Founder/Chief Business Officer of DOGI
  9. Sumit Gupta, Founder and CEO of Live Platform
  10. Matias Nisenson,CEO of Experimental
  11. Niu Fengxuan, CTO of DApp Review
  12. Matthew Campbell, Co-founder of Loom Network
  13. Huo Xingkai, CTO and founder of Beijing Juzhong Joy Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  14. Xie Chenghong, CEO of Layabox
  15. Li Zhichao, CEO of Ares Tech
  16. Sun Jianfeng, CEO of Beijing Qikuai Technology Co., Ltd.
  17. Chen Hao, Head of BitGuild China
  18. Wu Xiao, Developer of Nanjing White Matrix Technology Co., Ltd.
  19. Liu Ya, Head of Ajoy Lab Games
  20. Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, Founder of ABYSS
  21. Xu Le, CEO of
  22. Mao Shihang, Co-Founder of Cobo Wallet
  23. Luke Hulsey, CTO of Loom Network
  24. He Xiaoxing, Co-founder of PlayBlock

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