Color Changes Everything
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Even Top Notch Artists will be replaced by AI. You have no idea what you are talking about. If you do, only very superficial. At the end you are only an employee. You dont have any contact or experience to the High End Echelons we worked on. In 20 years, 40% of workforce working today will be out of jobs. First we will get worldwide financial crash, then AI takes over. Admin will remember my words in not distance future.

by z35
1 days ago

awesome :O

Don't work for me, loading freeze

Color Changes Everything
14 May, 2016

Nexus Mods user taprosoft has recently uploaded a very interesting mod for Skyrim, which does only one little thing with the acclaimed game: it changes the branch textures of the aspen trees. This allows to achieve an absolutely incredible look. The game looks much more realistic, very crisp and just begs for you to on on an adventure. There’s a whole bunch of other mods running in this version of the game (you can find the full list in the description to this video).



Be sure to check it out and if you want to get your second chance with Skyrim, please install it. This little fix shows that you can change the whole way your game looks if you find the right way to influence the design of even one tiny element.




Interesting Links

Interview with Skyrim’s environment artist.

Skyrim Inventory in UE4.



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