Comparing Graphics in God of War Ragnarök and A Plague Tale Requiem

ElAnalistaDeBits compared one more game to the recently-released God of War Ragnarök.

ElAnalistaDeBits, a Spanish YouTube channel focused on technical, visual, and performance comparisons on the different platforms of the video game industry, has recently released one more video comparing the graphics of God Of War: Rangarök to other games.

This time, the creator contrasted the visuals of the PS5 version of GoW to those from A Plague Tale Requiem, running on a PC with GeForce RTX 4090 and i9 12900K in its highest possible quality. As usual, the creator compared the games' textures, lighting, and the worlds themselves, showing how similar objects look in both of them. According to the creator, the video intends to "showcase two games at the forefront of graphics advancements with completely different backgrounds."

Last week, the creator also compared the graphics of Ragnarök with the PC version of God of War 2018:

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