Competition for Substance Painter Artists
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after reading this incredible article, im still left with the question..."but, HOW?!"

More of these please! I need some good beginner tutorial!

by Berti Hien
6 hours ago

ahahahah Luke hahaha comment of the day !

Competition for Substance Painter Artists
27 April, 2017
Allegorithmic announced a competition for Substance Painter users, promising some cool prizes.

The company specifically says that you are required to use Substance Painter (no other software). Your main task is to paint the model of MAT – company’s new art toy mascot. There’s nothing to model, no UV to unwrap. MAT is already fully modeled and is waiting to come to life with your brushstrokes! Take your (digital) paintbrush, download the MAT model here and start doodling away.

For the newcomers, there’s a 20-minute tutorial, which will help to understand the basics of this software. The new 2.6 release includes the MAT project already set up and ready to paint. Blair Armitage is on the jury panel! You can learn more about the details of the contest here.

And here are the prizes. Some pretty good ones:

1st Place
1 NVIDIA Quadro M6000 (link)
1 Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 (link)
All 22 of the Elements Alpha Series from Artoyz (link)

2nd Place
1 NVIDIA Quadro M5000 (link)
1 Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 (link)
Story Killers: Le Petit Chaperon Rouge from Artoyz (link)

3rd Place
1 NVIDIA Quadro M4000 (link)
1 Wacom Intuos Pro M (link)
ELEMENTS Fais-Le Toi-Meme (Do It Yourself) from Artoyz – Pick the one you prefer! (link)

Student Prize
1 NVIDIA Quadro M4000 (link)
1 Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 (link)
Marge Mallow from Artoyz – Pick the one you prefer! (link)


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