Complete Terrain Shader 1.6 Released
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after reading this incredible article, im still left with the question..."but, HOW?!"

More of these please! I need some good beginner tutorial!

by Berti Hien
6 hours ago

ahahahah Luke hahaha comment of the day !

Complete Terrain Shader 1.6 Released
8 April, 2018

Check out the latest version of Complete Terrain Shader (CTS) from Procedural Worlds and NatureManufacture which is now available for download from the Unity Asset Store. This is the fourth free update with tons of new features for you to check out. 

New features: 

  • A new lite shader designed for maximum speed by removing cutouts, snow, and triplanar.
  • An updated snow module with glitter functionality for more interesting snow.
  • New color map masking and opacity options.
  • New profile disconnection code to optimize memory usage.
  • New unregister on destroy code to release memory locking in dynamic terrains
  • Modified and substantially faster shader update system.

  • Modified cutout masking now moved to a separate texture.
  • Modified demo controller so that fly and walk can be transparently swapped.
  • Anisio settings now exposed.
  • There have also been various Amplify and CTS bug fixes.
  • Unity 2018.1 is now supported and the substance-related compilation issues fixed.
  • Renaming shaders so they can be grouped for easier management.
  • Improved WebGL support.

CTS continues to evolve as a powerful and easy-to-use terrain shading system. Make sure to share your thoughts on the update in the comments below. 

Get the tool for $50

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