Complete Terrain Shader for Unity 5
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by Jamie Gibson
10 hours ago

Hi Elliott, This is a great breakdown and very generous in sharing your process and insights, you came a long way from the vending machine days!

Are you planning on releasing the UE4 project to the public? Or only builds? I'd love to play around with it in the editor if possible!

by mr. Awesome
16 hours ago

Fucking AWESOME!

Complete Terrain Shader for Unity 5
26 June, 2017

Adam Goodrich and Bartłomiej Galas have released a new environment production tool, which they had been working on for the last 6 months.

Their new project is called CTS – short for Complete Terrain Shader. Basically, it’s a nice new terrain shading system that allows you to quickly build huge open landscapes with a variety of details. CTS comes with a professional texture library that can be applied with a click to instantly change the look and feel of the scenes. It looks a lot like the Unity Post Processing profile system. It could be easily tweaked to get the kind of effect you really need. Shaders are limited by texture array support, and consequently do not support DX9, OpenGLES 2.0 or Web GL1.0.

Key Features:

  • 16 textures 1 pass – fast;
  • PBR terrain;
  • Standard workflow – compatible & easy;
  • UV Mixing – removes tiling;
  • Detail Mixing – adds interest & reduces tiling;
  • Geological Layering –
  • Detail Mixing – adds interest & reduces tiling;
  • Dynamic Snow Cover – with a slider;
  • Dynamic Water Cover – with a slider;
  • Height Blending – relative texture blends;
  • Basic, Advanced & Tesselation variants;
  • Ambient Occlusion – realistic shadows;
  • Profile Based – similar to Unity Post FX;
  • Texture Library – 48 quality sets, 20 helpers;
  • Substance Support – save time on exports;
  • Seasons & Weather – Rain, Snow & Seasonal variation, easily integrated;
  • Sample swamp and landscape scenes included, excluding 3D models;
  • VR Compatible.

Plus you’ve got a whole bunch of controls, that let you control the texture: Albedo, Normal, Height, Ambient Occlusion, tiling, texture matching, reflection & wetness, height blending and so on. Very easy way to optimize the visual look of the scene.

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