Contest: Reimagining Star Wars (Deadline December 31th)
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Long life to Embark studio and its fabulous procedural artists dream team !

Contest: Reimagining Star Wars (Deadline December 31th)
1 December, 2015

Computer Graphics+ is holding a great contest with Zbrush and Wacom. Artists are asked to give a new interpretation to a favorite Star Wars character. Except Jar Jar. Not him. Please.

Reimagine-Star Wars-with-Zbrush

This massive fanart challenge was sponsored by Pixologic ZBrush, Wacom, Learn Squared and Russian game producer Leonid Sirotin (this is the guy who brought our most recent guest Roman ‘Amok’ Papsuev to game industry). The judges are also incredibly distinguished. There’s Maciej Kuciara (an amazing artist, who gave us a little interview this summer. We encourage you to check out his works, if you haven’t yet), Furio Tedeschi (Senior Character / Concept artist at BioWare Montreal) and Brad Rigney (Illustrator at SIXMOREVODKA).

_MG_11220 (1)

Art by Maciej Kuciara


Art by Maciej Kuciara

The challenge is to re-imagine your favorite character, creature or vehicle from the Star Wars universe. We want you to be creative about it, you can cross universes or redesign within an existing universe as long as it’s a fresh and interesting take on the subject. Cyberpunk Boba Fett? Padme Amidala in a new beautiful dress? Gundam Darth Vader? World War II Millennium Falcon? Medieval stormtrooper? Battle wookies, nexu, bounty hunters, droids and other supporting characters, creatures and vehicles are acceptable. We want to see your unlimited power of imagination!


Art by Furio Tedeschi


Art by Brad Rigney

You can submit your works in 2D or 3D. To do so, all you need is publish the image is the appropriate forum link. The contest is international. You can contribute from any part of the world. No violence or nude images.

The deadline is December 30th 2015.

If you’ll be lucky and get the prize, you’ll get some nice goodies:

1st Place

+Wacom Cintiq 22HD or $1700
+A copy of ZBrush 4R7
+A copy of Star Wars Battlefront on a console of your choosing
+Boba Fett (12 inch figure) from Sideshow Collectibles

2nd Place

+Microsoft Surface Pro 4 256GB, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7
+A copy of ZBrush 4R7
+A copy of Star Wars Battlefront on a console of your choosing

3rd Place

+Microsoft Surface Pro 4 128GB, 4GB RAM, Intel Core M
+A copy of Star Wars Battlefront on a console of your choosing
+A $200 course of your choosing from Learn Squared

Good luck with this! We can’t wait to see some cool Star Wars fanart!


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