Corona Renderer 4 for 3DS Max Available

Corona Renderer 4 for 3DS Max Available

Chaos Czech (AKA Render Legion) revealed Corona Renderer 4 for 3ds Max.

The newest version features a fast new Caustics algorithm to set up in just a couple of clicks. It is said to be able to handle both reflective and refractive caustics. What is more, caustics can be enabled or disabled on a light-by-light basis, the results are fully compatible with Corona’s Lightmix post-production tool.

The update also brings the ability to pick objects and set the focal point in a rendered image both in the VFB and viewport interactive rendering mode. There’s also a new fisheye mode and the Intel AI Denoiser is no longer restricted to Intel GPUs.

  • Caustics
    – Easy to set up
    – No complex parameters
    – Fast to render
    – Handles reflective caustics and refractive caustics
    – Refractive caustics can include dispersion
    – Each light source can have caustics enabled or disabled
    – Works as expected with LightMix and other Corona tools
  • Pick objects, and set the DOF focus point in the rendered image
  • Fisheye mode for cameras
  • Intel AI Denoiser
  • Multiple Suns and Environments for LightMix
  • Rest (unassigned) LightSelect layer in LightMix can now be denoised and saved like any other LightSelect
  • Improvements to overlapping volumetric media
  • New Image Filtering
  • Adaptive Light Solver

You can learn more about the latest release here.

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