CozyBlanket 2.0 Announced

The update introduces manual UV unwrapping, packing, and baking. 

Sparseal's Pablo Dobarro has unveiled CozyBlanket 2.0 – an update to the retopology app for iPad. The new version introduces manual UV unwrapping, packing, and baking. You can now unwrap models by drawing UV seams onto their surface and then pack the results by rotating and resizing them in a 2D view.

The video also demonstrates the ability to reduce UV distortion by rotating or rescaling textures right on the surface of the model. Seems like it will be possible to bake high-resolution geometry to textures: you can see how the app is used to bake normal maps from a model.

Sparseal is planning to release CozyBlanket 2.0 as a free update for the owners of the Retopology Pack purchase available in the 1.5 version. The developers say the monetization might be updated after the 2.0 release "to keep the project sustainable," although the model (price increase, subscription, or paid updates) is not specified yet.

Developed by Pablo Dobarro and Joan Fons, CozyBlanket is a retopology tool with a separate CPU viewport capable of working with millions of polygons on an iPad, it can be used to work with unprocessed photoscans or ZBrush projects exported at their highest resolution. It also gives you the ability to retopologize a model with your fingers, without using Apple Pencil.

For now, CozyBlanket 2.0's release date is not disclosed. You can get the app for free but without the ability to save or export. You can unlock those for $19.99 or purchase the $89.99 Retopology Pack, which provides access to advanced features, including the option to stream geometry to desktop apps over a local network.

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