Cracked Paint Material for Substance
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честно сказать я в ахуе

finally some good news

by Rodrigo
12 hours ago

Muchas gracias por esto, no sabría como crear algo así :D

Cracked Paint Material for Substance
22 August, 2018

Check out a nice Cracked Paint material by Matthew Taylor which is now available on Gumroad. The pack features both .sbs and .sbsar formats, pre-exported 4k textures plus some custom nodes he made during the creation of this material. The graphs are said to be organized with frames and fully commented. containing: (with comments), Cracked_Paint.sbsar, 5 pre-exported 4k png textures (AO, baseColor, height, normal, roughness), and 6 custom utility nodes used in the creation of the material (Bidirectional_Bevel, Difference_Grayscale, Highpass_HQ, Is_Higher, Protrude_From_Height, Smudge).


100% procedurally generated material made in Substance Designer. The material is dynamic and simulates the cracking and peeling of a painted wall. The controls are simplified down to a ‘decay’ slider and some settings for changing the paint colour, roughness and normal intensity/format. More details and examples can be found here.

Matthew Taylor

You can learn more here

Get the pack £6

Source: Gumroad

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