Creating a Low Poly Project with Unity Packs

Check out 5 Unity packs with assets and collections for a low poly project creation.

Low Poly Ultimate Pack

Check out a cool pack for low poly games production:

  • More than 1000 Prefabs with colliders
  • Material and Atlas texture workflow
  • Many Inspiration Scenes
  • Rigged simple people characters with Mixamo support
  • Free monthly updates
  • URP support watch
  • VR/AR ready
  • Simple to use, well organized

Low Poly Animated People

Grab a pack with low poly animated characters of all types.

What's inside:

  • 100+ Rigged unique characters
  • Mecanim support
  • Mixamo animations support rigs
  • 2 skin textures
  • Character Viewer
  • Inspirational Scenes
  • 85 custom animations stored in .fbx
  • Wander Script (V.4.5) Drag and drop living people to the scene
  • URP support watch
  • PolyMorph script (V.1) Diversity to the characters
  • Simple to use, well organized and documented


Asheville. Low Poly City

Have a look at a full low poly city pack from Must Have Studio.


  • All models have Albedo and Emission maps;
  • Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations;
  • All models are optimized and can be used on Mobile and Desktop platforms;
  • All models have a low polygons count, average ranging from 100 polygons (for the simplest models) to 5000 polygons (for the more complex ones).

Low Poly Medieval Kit

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Grab a huge collection of prefabs for medieval project production from Catalin Pavel.

The package is divided into 8 parts:

  • Buildings: Bridge, Dock, Houses, Mine, Sawmill, Towers, Well, Windmill.
  • Building Parts: Castle Bridges, Castle Stairs, Castle Towers, Castle Walls, Gate Walls.
  • Decorations: Boards, Boat, Flags, Floor Bricks, Pirate Ships, Scrolls, Signs, Fences.
  • Environment: Big Terrains, Big Water Planes, Bushes, Cactuses, Dead Bushes, Dead Trees, Dirt Cliffs, Flowers, Grass, Grass Hills, Grass Patches, Mushrooms, Reeds, Roads, Small Terrains, Small Water Planes, Stones, Terrains, Trees, Water Planes.
  • Objects: Barrels, Beds, Benches, Books, Bowls, Buckets, Carpets, Chairs, Chest, Crates, Cups, Dirt Grave, Empty Barrel, Flower Pots, Fork, Logs, Ladders, Lanterns, Potions, Spoon, Stone Grave, Tables, Wardrobes.
  • Vehicles: Cannon, Wooden Cart, Wooden Cart with sacks.
  • Weapons: Axe, Bow, Bow Arrow, Bow Quiver, Bow Quiver with arrows, Hammer, Hatchet, Knife, Mace, Machete, Pickaxe, Shield, Spear, Sword.
  • Work Stations: Anvil, Anvil with Hammer and Horse Hoof, Crafting Tables, Furnaces.

Low Poly Western Kit

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Another cool collection from Catalin Pavel with western-styled prefabs. 

The package is divided into 6 parts:

  • Environment: Cactuses, Branches, Sticks, Dead Bushes, Dead Trees, Rocks, Grounds, Roads, Desert Rocks, Cliffs, Hills.
  • Objects: Barrels, Chairs, Crates, Ladders, Tables, Wooden Piles, Benches, Poker Table, Buckets, Gallow, Sacks, Piano, Bed, Cart Wheel, Campfire, Hitching Post, Cowboy Hat, Broom, Cow Skull, Hay rolls, Coffin, Bones, Grave, Vegetables Buckets, Signs, Fences, Poster Walls, Posters, Maps, Ropes, Chest Box, Lantern, Lantern Lit, Wardrobes, Billiard Table, Vault, Cash Register, Rails, Curtain.
  • Weapons: Pickaxe, American Bayonet, Rifle, Revolver, Short Double Barrel Shotgun, Long Double Barrel Shotgun, Cavalry Saber, Cavalry Saber Sheath, American Bayonet Sheath, Volcanic Pocket Pistol, Cavalry Saber Sheath, American Bayonet with Sheath.
  • Buildings: Well, Water Tower, Windmill, Clock Tower, Church, Barn, Train Station, Bank, Saloon, Barber Shop, Hotel, Trading Post, Wooden WC, Sheriff, Undertaker, Supply, Ammunition.
  • Vehicles: Wooden Cart, Train, Wagon, Train Coal, Train Carriage, Train Freight, Stagecoach.
  • Building Parts: Balconies, Decks, Door, Doorways, Facades, Floors, Planks, Pillars, Roofs, Stairs, Walls, Front Walls, Window Walls, Building Signs.

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