Creating A Procedural Building Generator in Modo
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by Rowlan
5 min ago

If you go for Unity and Biomes, as you wrote in your article, please do support Vegetation Studio Pro. Your work is awesome, can't wait to see it on the store.

by Dara Burke
1 hours ago

Great breakdown of the process and optimization, thanks for sharing.

This article just not only provides great tools for level design. It's also useful vocabulary to express ideas with our team.

Creating A Procedural Building Generator in Modo
19 August, 2018

Have a look at an awesome pack by Sergey Tyapkin that will help you figure out a way you can generate thousands of different buildings, spaceships, weapons, and other stuff inside Modo in one click. Sounds crazy, right? Let’s study the offer. 

I’ll show you one interesting technique in Modo. It’ll push your creativity and allow you to create thousands of different Buildings, Spaceships, Weapons etc. in one click. 

What will you receive with this purchase?

2-hour step by step video tutorial. Ever dreamt of creating your own procedural generator from scratch? Look no further!. Advanced knowledge of Modo is not required.

  • 10 videos;
  • project files.

Ready Building Generator Scene. You can generate an infinite number of buildings for your project. Also, you can modify everything for your own needs. 

  • short video tutorial about how to use this scene;
  • kitbash set;
  • project file.

Sci-Fi Buildings Pack. For those who want to use ready buildings for their projects.

  • 30 meshes with auto UV’s;
  • .obj and .fbx formats, from 50 000 tris per building;
  • 5 materials per building: base, roof, glass, sign, lights.

Sergey Tyapkin 

You’d need version 12.0v1 of Modo or higher to use the pack. You can learn more here

Get the pack for $20

Source: Gumroad

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Great stuff !