Creating a Procedural Snowflake in Houdini
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by Cgiles
9 hours ago

Alt click on a node connection automatically disconnect it from the other nodes. And there is some nodes which can be easily summoned by pressing a key and clicking at the same time. Like B+click will place a branch, and S+click a sequence.

15 hours ago

If you're willing to compile it, Aseprite is a great option as well.

by tharlevfx
1 days ago

check my website for the latest tips - always updating with new content!

Creating a Procedural Snowflake in Houdini
13 April, 2018

Looking for some top-notch educational content on Houdini? Here’s a cool guide to generating procedural snowflakes from Entagma‘s Moritz Schwind. The video goes through the process of simulating small particles of water that are allowed to move in a hex-grid.  

The technique stems from Cliff Reiter’s brilliant paper called “A local cellular model for snow crystal growth”. Don’t fret – We’ll do our best and explain what’s actually going on here. In essence, it is a rather straightforward yet extremely efficient (and quite clever) cellular automaton we’re building. Hope we didn’t scare you with that previous sentence. Relax – all we’re doing is simulate small particles of water that are allowed to move in a hex-grid. Enough talk, let’s build it!


Make sure to check out the Entagma’s page for more Houdini tutorials. 

Download Project File (.hipnc)


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