Creating a Procedural Stone Wall in Substance Designer
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That helmet tho I think that one is spot on with kinda like a classic feel to it.

If I'm not mistaken, in the canon Samus can form the suit around her with her mind. In that case it's not necessary to make the suit industrial-looking (or the arm cannon that big) or have the paint stripes mentioned above, since Samus doesn't have to go buy parts to weld in place to upgrade anything. Also those glow plugs (bolts?) look bad, I get the blizzard look but I would change those and make them not come out of the suit like that. Something that wouldn't be necessary for someone that can form the suit around them.

by Artemis
9 hours ago

I like everything EXCEPT the caution stripes on her thighs. The caution stripes look terrible. Take them off.

Creating a Procedural Stone Wall in Substance Designer
29 May, 2017
Kyle Horwood has a nice video tutorial on creating a procedural stone wall material in Substance Designer is a video tutorial. There are two options here. You can buy the video guide for £20 or you can pay £28 to get the video and the Substance source file. Please note that the tutorial doesn’t cover any of the basics of Substance Designer. 

The guide covers all the things you need to know to create a stone wall material from start to finish. You can apply these tips to create other procedural materials, of course. 

Topics covered:

  • Gathering and looking at our reference
  • Creating the height map for the stones
  • Creating the height map for the mortar
  • Creating the roughness map
  • Creation of the Base color
  • Doing final tweaks 
  • Presentation inside of Marmoset Toolbag 3

Video Only Version:

  • 8 HD videos via Streaming with over 4 hours worth of content.
  • Information PDF

Video and Source Files version:

  • 8 HD videos via Streaming with over 4 hours worth of content.
  • 2K & 4K Texture Files PNGs
  • Substance Designer File + Dependencies
  • Marmoset Viewer File
  • Information PDF

Licence Information:

You are permitted to:

  • Use the texture for commercial and personal projects
  • The source material may be used for media such as video games, VR or similar.

You are not permitted to:

  •  Re-sell or distribute the source files or texture by themsevels, in a texture pack, shader pack or similar.
  • Re-create the texture one-to-one and sell it via any of the named above. 

Get the tutorial

Source: Gumroad

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