Creating a Quick Mountain Valley Scene in UE4
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this is an Excellent article, the way its set out with the vids and pics. very technical but not rambley. I learnt alot out of it.

by Eric
5 hours ago

Bob would have been proud

by Krzysztof Czerwiński
9 hours ago

Congratulations Lukas:) Amazing piece of 3D parametric shader:) thank You for sharing Your knowledge:)

Creating a Quick Mountain Valley Scene in UE4
28 March, 2017
Level designer Ben Burkart has showed the production process behind a quick forest scene he created inside Unreal Engine 4 in 3 hours.

Overall I struggled quite a bit with this one. I started out with the idea of a deer overlooking the valley with a volcano at the end, river going down the center etc… Pretty early in I didn’t really like how the Volcano was feeling so I removed it to focus on a more simple valley scene.

This scene was created using a combination of assets from The Kite Demo, Conifer Forest Collection, Landscape Auto Material, and a few of my own.

Ben Burkart

Source: Ben Burkart

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